Godfrey Diy | Garden
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Water Saving in the garden this Summer with Godfrey

1. Mulch the soil
The sun and wind dry out soil by evaporating moisture from the surface. Gardeners can dramatically reduce this waste by adding a 5cm (2in) mulch layer of bark chips which also shades the soil and keeps it cooler. Levington Water Saving Decorative Bark is perfect for this purpose.


2. Buy a water butt
Connect your water butt to the rainwater down pipe from the roof. If you already have a water butt and it doesn’t have sufficient capacity for your garden’s needs then buy another and connect the two using a Harcostar Linking kit.


3. Water garden plants thoroughly
Just wetting the top inch of soil encourages plants to produce surface roots. Instead, a thorough soaking once a fortnight is better than daily dribbles.


4. Get water straight to the roots

Sink plastic pots or tubes alongside precious plants so that the water you give them goes straight to the roots.


5. Enrich the soil when planting
Improve the water-holding capacity of soil by digging in organic matter when you are planting new trees, shrubs or other plants. Levington Multi-Purpose Compost is ideal.



6. Add water-holding gel to compost and soil
Before planting, add water-holding crystals to ordinary composts and garden soil. It saves time and saves watering. We recommend Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Gel because it can absorb 400 times its own weight in water, ready to release it to plant roots whenever required.


7. Ban weeds
They steal water and soil nutrients. You will see them die in days if you wet the leaves with Weedol 2 or the ready-to-use Weedol 2 Gun!


8. Hanging Baskets
To best utilise the limited water available for hanging baskets and patio pots plant them in Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Compost that absorbs twice as much water as ordinary composts.


9. Water early morning or evening
Sun and wind speed evaporation from the soil surface.

10. Use bath water
If things get desperate you can use bath water, but only on plants growing in garden soil rather than those in containers. Add a tablespoon of Miracle-Gro Ericaceous Plant Food to every 5 gallons of this ‘grey’ water to help neutralise soap alkalines.


11. Feed in moderation

In drought conditions use a soluble plant food such as Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food that is applied in liquid form and use at half strength. Add a teaspoonful to each gallon instead of the usual tablespoonful. A healthy, moderately fed plant will utilise water more efficiently than an underfed plant.


12. Don’t waste water on sick plants
Pull up weak or dying plants and save precious water for the survivors.