Godfrey Diy | How to Make a Table Protector – Step by Step Guide
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How to Make a Table Protector – Step by Step Guide

How to Make a Table Protector – Step by Step Guide

When you want to protect your dining table – one way you can do it is by making your own table protector.

Basically here are the materials that you are going to need when you are learning how to make a table protector. There are some things that you have to realise and that is if you want a fitted table pad or protector then you will need these materials to start your project.

Materials needed:

  • Insulated fabric
  • An iron
  • Tablecloths
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine or sewing needle with thread

Start with your measurements

Measure the length and width of your tabletop and remember to add about six inches to each measurement. When you measure your tabletop cut a piece of insulated fabric to the same measurement.

Cut the tablecloths

The next step is to cut two table cloths to the same measurement as the insulated fabric and then Iron the table cloths to get rid of any creases. This will ensure that your table protector is nice and smooth once you add it to your table.

Attach the padded insulated fabric

The third step you would want to do is lay one of your tablecloths on a flat surface, place the insulated fabric on top of the cloth and the second table cloth right on top to smooth out the insulated fabric in between. If you have a pattern on your cloth it should be facing outward. You would want to pin the outer edges together and you would want to start sewing 1/4 inches away from the edge of the fabric.


The fourth step requires you to measure the circumference of the table subtract 3 inches from what you measured and then multiply that measurement by two and once you get your circumference cut a piece of elastic thread and double it onto your needle and then sew around the outer edge. This step makes your fitted protector cinch like a fitted bed sheet, so it will fit onto your tabletop.

Add it to your table

The last step you would want to do is slip the protector onto your dining table. The padded corners provide protection against bumps and bruises just in case anyone runs into the side. If you would like you can add additional padding for children so it can be safe for the kids and the adults. When you want to change it out just revert back to the steps and create a new one whenever your old one gets dirty, needs a wash or just for the Holiday season.

This is just one way on how to make a table protector. There are other styles and many different ways you can make a dining table cover protector. You can do any and everything from patterns, clear to just a solid color. Some steps don’t require a lot of materials. You can look around and see what protector is best suited for your table.

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