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Your Guide to a Better lawn


Easy hints and tips to ensure your lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood.


1. Cut it regularly
Cut as often as you are able, ideally once a week. But don’t give the grass a close shave. That just weakens the plants and provides light and space for weeds to pop up.


For a hard-wearing lawn cut the grass to around 4cm (1 ½”) in spring and reduce this to 3cm (1″) in summer.


2. Spring into Action
Apply a lawn food in spring for a thicker, greener lawn and you’ll be amazed at the results. It takes about five minutes to treat the average sized lawn of 100m2. We recommend you apply EverGreen “I want Complete lawn care” in the spring to give triple-action benefits. One application in April or May gives fast-acting and long-lasting greener grass whilst controlling a wide range of broad-leaved weeds and any unsightly patches of moss.


3. Be ready for Summer
By June the lawn will need another feed to strengthen it ready for summer activities. Weeds may have sprung up in the lawn and will be fighting the grass for available moisture, food and space. A further treatment with EverGreen “I want Complete lawn care” will both feed and green the grass for the summer and see off many invasive weeds such as dandelions, daisies and white clover. If fine leaved weeds such as yellow suckling clover, black medick and lesser trefoil are spreading in your lawn then you will need to apply Verdone Extra to these weeds. This special lawn weedkiller contains three active ingredients to see off most lawn weeds with just one application a year.


4. Trim the edges
After mowing the grass, trim around the edges of the lawn to provide a sharp contrast against the soil of your flower borders. We recommend long-handled lawn shears so that you can do the job standing up. Alternatively you can fit Gard Edge edging strips around the lawn to reduce the sideways creep of the grass into the borders.


5. Water Occasionally
If a summer drought threatens, water the lawn thoroughly before hose-pipe bans prevent any extra watering. Water deeply or not at all. If you use a sprinkler check that the grass receives at least an inch of moisture so that it gets down to the grass roots. If you just wet the surface you encourage shallow roots that will be more vulnerable to drought. You will find that water pressure is higher early in the morning, rather than in the evening when most other people will be watering their gardens.


6. Spreading Lawn Treatments
On larger lawns you can spread EverGreen “I want Complete lawn care” using a Scotts EvenGreen Easy Spreader for easy and accurate application of granules. It’s adjustable for most lawn treatments and durable for years of easy lawn care.


7. Autumn Treat
To help your lawn recover from the hard wear of summer and to prepare it for the rigours of winter, apply EverGreen Autumn Lawnfood during September or October. This will encourage strong growth of the lawn helping it to thicken and knit together during the cooler autumn months ready to spring into action next spring.


Always read the label. Use pesticides safely. EverGreen “I want Complete lawn care” contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate. Verdone Extra contains fluroxypyr, clopyralid and MCPA. EverGreen “I want Complete Autumn lawn care” contains ferrous sulphate.