Godfrey Diy | The Different Types of Auger Bits
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The Different Types of Auger Bits

The Different Types of Auger Bits

Auger bits are just amazing devices to drill any hole that you might imagine. Well, they might not drill all types of holes in the world, but they are truly good at giving you what you need. We will let you know about the different types of auger bits that you can find out there.

Russel Jennings

The famous Russel Jennings can also be seen as the standard in the world of woodworking auger bit design. In fact, the amazing Russel Jennings is one of the most common auger bit patterns that you can find. It has flat lips and spurs. You will see that these things just protrude from the bit’s bottom.


An Irwin auger bit is also known as solid core auger. These are just single twist tools. You will also see that the tip of the Irwin also has an extra half-spiral that is truly unique. This spiral is truly useful because it will allow the Irwin to have a second cutting tip.


The L’Hommendieu is just a single twist bit. You will recognize an L’Hommendieu by its lack of central core. The L’Hommendieu allows for a more open fitting. You will easily evacuate your wood shavings with the L’Hommendieu. If you want to drip a very deep hole, an L’Hommendieu is truly for you. You will not have to remove the L’Hommendieu part way when you are in the middle of the boring process.


A Lewis is just a single twist bit. You will notice that the Lewis has a solid central core. A Lewis can also be thought of like a cross between an L’Hommendieu and an Irwin. You can commonly find these types of bits. They are popular among a wide array of DIYers. Tradespeople also love them because of their resilience and durability.


A cook is just a durable twist bit. You will find that these types of twist bits have upturned wings that you can see at their tip. The wing’s inside is sharp and hollow. You will find out that the cook will act as a gouge while the bit is spinning.


You will notice that these types of auger bits are part of a web of the auger. The lips of the item will just slope upwards in the direction of the auger’s lips. You will find out that the circumference of the borehole will be cut out when the lips start to carve out its main part.

Bull Nose

This is an unusual auger tip which is also called as the solid nose auger. It just resembles the nose of a bull and it was named after this fact. The nostrils are shaped like by the two other cutting holes that you will see.

Remember that these auger bits are awesome, and the Russel Jennings has tons of spurs too. This is a common auger bit pattern too. The Irwin is just a single twist tool that will do the job. The L’Hommendieu will allow you to get a more open fitting if you want to.

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