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PaintPod to Revolutionise Home Decoration

Paint Pod is a revolutionary new painting system from Dulux that will transform the way we approach home decoration.

Paintpod is a device that enables you to paint a room quickly by providing a continuous stream of paint to your roller, thereby eliminating the time it takes to constantly reload a conventional roller. The system is also self-cleaning with no need to clean out your roller afterwards, ensuring that it is ready for the next job. At only £69.99 for the system, and Paintpod emulsions costing a similar amount to regular Dulux emulsions, the cost is minimal compared to the enormous benefits of using the system.

The advantages of Dulux Paintpod are that it is easy, fast and self-cleaning:

Itís easy:

To get your Paintpod ready for use you simply unscrew the lid from the Paintpod emulsion pack and place it in side the unit. You donít need to pour the paint at all so there is no mess.

The system comes with an edging brush for Ďcutting iní so you can still deal with edges and corners, but with all the convenience of the Paintpod system.

Its fast:

You donít need to constantly stop and reload your roller, so you will get the job done in considerably less than time than you would through conventional painting methods. A trigger on the roller allows you to control the rate of paint flow so that you only use as much paint as you need.

Itís self-cleaning:

Cleaning up is the part of decorating that most of us hate, and it usually results in us wasting rollers and sleeves through not cleaning them correctly. With paint pod, you will always leave the job with your roller in perfect order for next time.

When you have finished painting, you drain the excess paint back into the pack (and remember you have no paint pouring to deal with!), fill the unit with water and then press the Ďcleaní button Ė itís that easy! After leaving the unit for 10 minutes the roller sleeve, delivery tube and the Paintpod unit itself will be perfectly clean.